Join us every Sunday at 11AM

St Marks Church, 158 Perth Road, DD1 4JS

Our Purpose:

Growing people to bring Christ into our communities



Our Vision:

We are building a church that is:

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That’s accessible, approachable and available across multiple locations



Where compassionate and generous people love and serve their communities



Where prayer brings freedom, healing and relationship with God



Where people experience God’s love and embrace a life-long passion for Jesus



That’s innovative and creative in worship, music and visual arts



A catalyst for change in our society through our community and activitiesINFLUENTIAL 


Our Culture:

Christ Is First - We were made to have a relationship with Him. He makes all things possible and His Word lights our way

Love People - Reach the lost, release the found with a heart of generosity

Community - We love, support and grow together

Serving - We all play our part in building the church

Pioneers - We will be bold and adventurous for God

Stewardship - We all take care of our people, our resources, our environment anD ourselves