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Gate Church International, Dundee

Gate Church International, Perth Road, Dundee

Image of Pastor Stewart Brunton

In 1976 Stewart and Mairi Brunton led a small group prayer meeting that eventually birthed the fellowship in the basement of CLC bookstore, Dundee where Stewart was the manager.

The meetings continued in the family home and as the fellowship began to grow they moved to a hall used by YMCA. As the church continued growing it moved to the former Methodist building on Marketgait where it remained until 1984. The church purchased the former St Marks Building on Perth Road, Dundee where the church is based today. Originally called The Gate Christian Fellowship, it is now known as Gate Church International and locally as The Gate.

In 2002 Gordon Stewart became the Lead Pastor of The Gate with his wife Fiona. The Church’s purpose statement is “Growing people to bring Christ into our communities”.

Purpose, Vision and Culture


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