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The Power of Worshiping Together

Volunteering in the worship team as a member of the technical side has always been a joy and a great opportunity to meet people from different areas of the church. With the recent meetings and reorganisation of the worship team I am grateful for the experience given to me by other members, through their definition of the team and how we were able to collaborate to tackle issues which previously caused a division.

Through these sessions we rediscovered what it meant to be part of the worship team, where all areas of the church are not only actively working together to create a smooth service but also engaging with the Holy Spirit.

Listening to other people’s opinions in the group has supported me in my decisions and attitude in current services, where I can engage more with others in conversation and build a sense of trust.

On a whole, the sessions with the worship team has been beneficial to relearning skills in the technical team and give me more freedom to worship God. It has also helped me to understand that when we carry out different roles, we still come together as one team, ultimately working in symphony with the teachings of the bible. “Although we are many, we are one body in Christ”


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