Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

Matthew 4:4

We all know that it is good to read the Bible and that doing so benefits our lives, but it can be difficult to do so. There is no one way that is right for everyone, but below are a list of various resources that can be helpful. There are resources for all sorts, young, old, even those who don't like reading.



YouVersion provide free apps that are available for iOS, Android and Windows. This gives you access to numerous versions of the Bible and has many useful features, like bookmarks.

Bible Gateway is excellent for laptop/desktop, and again gives you access to many versions of the Bible. They too have apps available for iOS and Android.


There are numerous Bible reading plans that are available on the internet. Some aim to guide you through the New Testament, the Gospels or the whole Bible. Bible Gateway has a wide selection, and another collection can be found at Ligonier.

You can also find a Bible reading plan written by Ian Mackie here.


There is a multitude of resources to help us read the Bible. These range from daily notes right through to in depth commentaries on the original Greek, and everything in between. The links below are at the simpler end of the spectrum!

There are several available notes, some of which you have to subscribe to for a fee.

These include:

Bible Reading Notes

Scripture Union - they offer notes for adults and children, and also have a free online guide.

UCB offer an online devotional.

Ian Mackie also publishes his own Bible Musings blog, which publishes daily notes on the Bible. In the past it has gone through the whole bible, but is now engaged on an in-depth study of various books of the Bible, covering a couple of verses each day.


SU have published a Bible game that can be downloaded on iOS, Android or Kindle Fire. It is called Guardians of Ancora.


Soul Survivor run a daily Bible Vlog (Video Blog). Log in and it will take you through either the New Testament or the whole Bible in a year. 

Word Live: Daily Bible study online: read it, listen to it, download the podcast. Then dig into the background, join the Facebook community – you choose the level you take it to. 


This is just a small selection of resources, there is much more out there. Whatever you do, make it your goal to read the Bible more.

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