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Zero Cost Art

Feeling artistic?  Or wanting to keep your children busy and entertained for a little while?  As always we urge you not to rush out and buy something, but to look around and use what you already have.

Instead of reaching for the paper, we headed out to find logs and stones to decorate.

This one started off with an off-cut of a log.

For a bit of fun, why not add Lego figures to make a scene?

Or perhaps you have some wooden toys you could put on to your painted stone?

And, of course, you don't have to try to find a log, you could use a small flat stone instead.  Keep your eyes peeled for something suitable when you are out walking.

We used ready-mix paint that was already close to hand, but there are plenty of other options - check out those tins of emulsion you have hung on to, or  try felt tip pens.  Or did you buy a tester pot or two last time you decorated?  For smaller projects you can even use nail varnish.

And if you don't have paint brushes, use an old toothbrush or make-up brush,  or - best of all for youngsters - your fingers.

We think these would make lovely gifts to pass on when you can see your loved ones again.  If they are to sit outside in the garden or on the front step best to add a layer of varnish to your creation.


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