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You're Not Putting That in the Bin?

Food waste is always on our mind thanks to the success of our community fridge. Maybe you saw the photographs we took to celebrate the fridge's first birthday? Isn't it amazing that we saved 56.8 tonnes of food from landfill in just one year? We are very happy that we can distribute so much food that supermarkets would otherwise be throwing out, but what's happening at home?

Our favourite way of illustrating the problem of food waste is the rather sobering statistic from the United Nations that if food waste was a country it would be the third highest emitter of greenhouse gases after the US and China.

Or here's one closer to home. Scottish households throw away 630,000 tonnes of food waste every year, more than two thirds of which could have been avoided. That avoidable household food waste would fill

  • 5,459,770 bins, or

  • 36,190 bin lorries

  • that's 362 km of lorries lined up, the distance between Perth and John o' Groats.

That's a pretty horrific picture.

We are going to assume that you would like to cut down on your food waste so let's look at some easy steps:

  • work backwards - look at what you've got in your fridge, freezer and cupboards already and think about how you can use them. Start this way round, rather than starting with a recipe

  • plan ahead - write down your menus for the week and use them to create your shopping list

  • eat more nose to tail and root to fruit - use meat bones, fish heads and bits of veg you throw away to make stock

  • think quality not quantity - if you spend £12 on a chicken instead of £5 you will value it and enjoy it more and are less likely to waste it

  • freeze leftovers and seek new ways to use up even small amounts

We could really sum it up in five words:

Only Buy What You Need

We love food and cooking so we couldn't miss the opportunity to pass on recipes that use three of the top five foods wasted in the UK :


Salad leaves


Bon appetit!

And in case you are wondering, the other two foods in that list of shame are bananas and milk.


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