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Women Hold up Half the Sky

Good news. This week we are taking part in

Dundee Women's Festival 2021.

Of course, Dundee Women's Festival is all online but nevertheless this is a great opportunity for women to come together, to learn, to share information, and to encourage each other in many different areas of our lives.

We are co-hosting two workshops and are really looking forward to 'meeting' new people. While we love speaking to those of you who are already interested in climate change and motivated enough to want to make changes, we take every chance we get to speak to people for whom this is not yet a priority.

On Saturday 6th March we are co-hosting a free online workshop, "Let's Talk Sustainable Periods", with Zero Waste Scotland.

If you missed our earlier blog on sustainable periods, you can find out more in advance of our workshop here:

As well as talking about the environmental and other impacts of traditional period products and going through some of the more sustainable options, we will give you tips and tricks to get you started. We'll also have a limited number of free menstrual cups and reusable pads that you can collect and try for yourself.

Our workshop ties in nicely with the workshops being run at Dundee and Angus College's Gardyne campus where you can learn how to sew your own reusable pads. Just search for "Sew Your Own Reuseable Period Pad" on Eventbrite to book a place.

Let's just remind ourselves that we are in the year 2021 so talking about periods should not feel awkward or embarrassing. Fathers, brothers, husbands - that includes you! Also, colleagues, partners, friends. You get the gist? We mean all men.

On Monday 8th March - International Women's Day no less - we are co-hosting "Women and the Climate Crisis" with the University of Dundee. Just wait till you see the line up of inspirational women we have got for you.

Our guest speakers, who work in STEM, politics, academia, activism and the arts, will discuss their roles and experience and tell us why they think women can be a major part of solving the climate and ecological crises. They will also consider how women will be disproportionately affected.

We hope many of you will join us for one or both of these workshops. You can book a place via our facebook page:

Let's Talk Sustainable Periods, Saturday 6th March, 10-11 am

Women and the Climate Crisis, Monday 8th March, 7-9 pm


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