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Who's Eating the Food from the Fridge?

We get on average 960 kg of food donated to our Community Fridge each week. Where does it all go?

960 kg, is a lot isn't it? We love the variety of food, and the surprise of totally random items that appear every now and then. But regular visitors will know that we often get crates and crates of one particular food.

At this time of year it's often lettuce and salad leaves. Try as we might, we just can't give them all away before their use-by date. You don't think we chuck them out, do you? Maybe we put them in the compost bin? Well, yes, that's a last resort.

Before that, we call on the pet owners we have got to know. They are more than happy to take our excess, and out of date, veg to feed their little friends. It's not just pet owners. Sometimes we give several bags to Dundee and Angus College for them to feed the animals they have as part of their Animal Care courses.

This is how we put the "Community" into the Community Fridge.

Of course, the main aim of our Community Fridge is to re-distribute food that would otherwise be wasted, but it has a secondary role in building up a sense of community. Without wishing to blow our own trumpet too loud, we think we have done that rather well.

Our latest pairing has seen us taking veg that is still in the Fridge at the close of day to a nearby smallholding to be gobbled up by the hens and ducks who live there.

We generally come away with a box of lovely, fresh eggs, and sometimes with veg that has been picked straight from the ground especially for us. Don't you love this kind of barter system!

The couple running this enterprise don't need to be told about saving the environment. Look at the bag they (re)used to hand over tatties they dug up for us to take in return for the last batch of salad we gave them.

That simple thing made us so happy!

We had heard that duck eggs were better than hens eggs for baking and it is true. They are larger and have more fatty acids and protein, meaning they create fluffier, lighter cakes. Talk about win-win

  • we avoid food waste

  • we get the tastiest, freshest eggs and veg for our tea

  • we finish off with the lightest, fluffiest cake

Happy days :)


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