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Walking the Walk

Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone, don't you think?

We're out of our comfort zone all right. We've only gone and agreed to exhibit some of our handiwork! In a proper gallery space!

It was with a fair amount of trepidation that we said we would take part in Scrapantic's first ever Members Show, but having said that, we have enjoyed getting all our bits and pieces together.

We've written about Scrapantics before - that wonderful Aladdin's Cave, full of donated stock and frequented by artists and craftspeople who can never be sure what they will find there, but can be sure that there's a high chance of stumbling upon something unexpected that will really get their creative juices flowing.

Now we don't claim to be artists, but we are good at finding creative ways to re-use and upcycle. All of our exhibits have been made from materials destined for the bin. Some of them are practical, like our Wonderbox. It's basically a slow cooker that doesn't need electricity. It's made from an old duvet, one of the hardest things to pass on or to recycle - so win-win.

We have also got bags made from t-shirts. Very handy to pop into your pocket as you leave the house.

Less obviously useful, but very pretty are our covered coathangers. We have them in our own wardrobe to spark joy, but we also like to make them as gifts. Those old wire coathangers that were handed into our Community Wardrobe, did not spark joy in their original state. Thoug

We are rather proud of the brooches made by one of our volunteers from tiny, tiny scraps of fabric.

We also have cushion covers made from offcuts of tweed - that quintessentially Scottish material - and from a skirt (great material but it was very, very short). You have maybe noticed how much we like a decorative button.

Maybe some of these things will inspire you to have a go? Believe us, they require very little in the way of materials, skills, money or even time.

If you're looking for fabric why not come along to our Community Wardrobe and have a browse. If you're not in Dundee, head to a nearby charity shop. Or remember another of our favourite sayings, "Shop your home". Look with fresh eyes, not only in your wardrobe, but also in your linen cupboard or kitchen drawer. Tea towels are often works of art in their own right and can be re-purposed in many ways. Pillowcases and duvets offer a large piece of fabric, full of possibilities.

You don't even have to cut up the fabric. We were given a clothes rail that was rather past its best but by wrapping a few scarves round it we have made it something we are proud to have in our Community Wardrobe.

You could do the same. You only need a little imagination.

Scrapantic's Members' Show runs from 16th to 25th July at the new Generator Space in Dundee's Wellgate Shopping Centre.

We hope that visitors to our little section take on board our message - reuse, repair, share


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