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Under the Influence

Easily influenced" used to be a derogatory remark on a school report.

"Influencer" is now a legitimate - and potentially lucrative - career option.

So who's influencing us to commit to, or continue, a green lifestyle? Given that we are always looking for new ways to encourage people to care for, share and repair their clothes, we are always happy when we see, or hear of, a public figure walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

We are also happy when that public figure is one who may not be instantly on the radar of those who are considered most likely to want to eschew fast fashion and wear second hand clothes. It is certainly the case that the majority of visitors to our Community Wardrobe are young women - often students - though we also get very stylish older women and a small number of men.

If anyone knows how to persuade more men to visit us, please let us know!

Anyhoo, which public figures are we celebrating today?

1. Prince Charles

It is well know that the heir to the throne has been interested in environmental issues for a very long time, but he still caused quite a flurry of interest when he appeared on television wearing a jacket that, in the words of one commentator, "had patches on the patches".

Ready all about it here

2. Carrie Johnson

The new wife of the Prime Minister also has pretty good eco-credentials but full marks to her to sticking to her principles on her wedding day and hiring - rather than buying - her dress.

Read all about this story here

The more the general public read about such things whether in traditional newspapers and magazines or online the easier it will be to persuade them to make similar choices. And the more these things will be seen to be completely normal.


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