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'Tis the Season to Recycle

What do you feel will be missing from your Christmas this year?

  • lots of people round the dinner table

  • parties

  • panto

  • a trip to the theatre

  • carol singing

It's not ideal is it? However, there is maybe one thing that you could have less of this year without feeling deprived in any way. In fact, it might make you feel rather good about Christmas 2020.

How about trying to having less waste?

We know that, generally, households produce up to 30% more waste at Christmas than at any other time of the year.

Of course, the best way to have less waste is to reduce the volume coming into our home. There's a reason for the three R's being in the order they are:

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Reducing is the priority, with the other two following in importance.

However, let's accept that we are likely to have more of everything - food, gifts, wrapping paper, cards - at this time, so recycling has an important role to play.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) recently released figures from 2018 showing that for the second year in a row more household waste was recycled than was sent to landfill (1.07 million tonnes landfilled, 1.03 million tonnes recycled).

Paper and cardboard remains the largest volume of material recycled (19%), with glass the second most recycled material. Plastic recycling is the new kid on the block and has increased year on year for the past seven years.

So the trend is going in the right direction but you can see that the difference in landfilled and recycled goods is not huge. It is worth checking just what can be recycled in your area. You may get a surprise. Apart from the very obvious, glass, paper and cardboard and tin cans, what else might you be able to recycle?

  • batteries

  • garden waste

  • paint

  • oil, whether that's cooking oil or motor oil

  • metals, not just your tin cans, but screws, nails, shelving

  • textiles

  • electrical equipment and electronics

  • DVDs

  • printer cartridges

  • bikes

  • wood, whether it's offcuts or pieces of furniture

As well as putting our your recycling for collection, or taking it to your recycling centre, remember that you can also recycle good quality items by

  • giving them to a charity shop

  • selling, or giving them away, online on sites such as ebay, gumtree or freecycle

  • passing them on to a friend

We know that many people receive Christmas gifts that were given with the best of intentions but are just not what they want. During December we had a re-gifting table at our Community Wardrobe and it was great to see so many previously unwanted gifts taken away to be given to someone else. Truly one person's trash is another person's treasure.

We will continue to accept unwanted gifts in 2021 so if you are able to come along to our Community Wardrobe please bring them with you, knowing that there is bound to be someone who will be thrilled to find them. Who knows, you may even take home something else in return.

Happy Christmas!


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