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Think Global, Act Local

Given the warnings about possible shortages of this, that and the other at Christmas this is surely the year we should all buy from local, independent craftspeople.

You maybe remember that we mentioned the West End Christmas fortnight recently? Well, it's celebrating its 21st birthday this year, which is quite something, when you consider that this is primarily an event run by members of the local community for the local community.

A huge amount of work goes into this. The first planning meeting took place on 5th April of this year. Yep, that was the day after Easter Sunday!

It was our pleasure to be involved right from the start and we are delighted to see it now in full swing.

As always we want to keep the sustainable elements very much to the fore. To that end we have arranged (with help from the wonderful Jillian, of the Little Green Larder fame) an outdoor Christmas market, which will take place tomorrow (2nd December). An outdoor Christmas market! What's not to like?

There will be food and drink, music and entertainment, and even a visit from Santa. And that's before you even look at the fabulous stall we have lined up for you. We have had such fun putting together our own stall.

Want to know what we will be offering? Well, here's a clue. What are we always banging on about?


We know that Christmas festivities can create an unbelievable amount of waste, but goodness me, the facts never fail to shock us.

We produce an average of 30% more rubbish during the festive period when compared with the rest of the year

It is estimated that each household in the UK will throw out three-and-a-half bin bags full of festive packaging

We know that many (most?) of you want to avoid waste, so once again we are here to help.

For the last few weeks we have had a great bunch of volunteers turning what might have been waste fabric into beautiful gifts for you. You may want to buy something for someone else, but we won't judge you if you just want to buy something for yourself. Your conscience is clear! Nothing you get from us has

  • been made in a sweatshop

  • depleted the earth's resources

  • racked up the airmiles

Remember, it's not just the environmental issues that are addressed when you buy at events like this. You will also

  • support local, often very small, local businesses

  • keep the money circulating locally

  • fund jobs

  • get to know one another

And we suggest you will a have a much more pleasant experience than you would by heading into a sweaty shopping centre or scrolling online.


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