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Just a quickie from us this week as we're still in the Festive Period. We're using capital letters to remind us that we can still enjoy this time albeit in a different way from years gone by.

We were recently given a lamp which was just what we needed for the sitting room, but we were rather underwhelmed with the brown suede lampshade. Maybe it would be perfect in your home, but it doesn't look at all right in ours.

What to do? We don't like to throw things out. And we did need an extra lamp.

Was there a way to transform this lampshade?

Why, yes! We happened to have a very colourful dress that we were unlikely to wear again so we decided to use that material.

We expected to have to undo the seams, cut the material to size and then sew it up again, but to our absolute delight, the dress fitted over the lampshade as it if was made specially for it.

All we had to do then was trim the top and use double sided tape to keep it in place.

Literally a 15-minute job.

Here's how we did it.


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