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Summer's Here...

It was a funny old end to the school term this year, but here we are in the summer holidays.

School holidays are normally a time when we have fun going to different settings around Dundee offering children's activities. Yes, we actually get paid for returning to our childhood and getting messy with paints and glue and other sticky substances!

This year, though, we are doing them at home. We would never pretend to be experts, so we are not sharing our expertise exactly, more our ideas and our encouragement to you to have a go too.

What we love about eco-friendly activities is that they are generally also very friendly on our wallets. too. Don't go buying anything until you have 'shopped your house'.

We like to use up boxes and tins that were heading for the recycling. We need only very small amounts of things like paint, wool or fabric. Certainly when it comes to crafts children have great imagination, so why not just go with the flow?

We have a resources section on our website relating to workshops that we have done in the past and now you will also find a section full of ideas for children's activities and games. We will be adding to it over the coming weeks, so head over there when you are looking for inspiration, whether it is for a rainy day activity, or something to do when you have friends and family coming over. And let it be your first port of call when you hear those dreaded words, "I'm bored!"

Click here for our Resources Page

These activities will not only provide a bit of fun in the moment, but they will also be instilling a sense of responsibility and respect for our planet in your children and leading them towards a healthy and happy green lifestyle.

Here comes your inspiration.

Remember that any or all of these would make great gifts.

If crafting is not really your thing, make use of your local library. It's a fabulously eco-friendly place. The books are re-used, re-used and re-used again.


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