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Size Does Matter

Are you excited about the further lifting of restrictions just on the horizon?

What are you going to do first? Go to the shops, the pub, a restaurant, on holiday, visit friends, travel .......

Before you plunge into a whole new social whirl, have you checked your carbon footprint?

Might be a good idea, then when we are out enjoying ourselves, spending a bit of money to help the local economy, we will do so with our eco credentials intact.

WWF's calculator will show you how many tonnes of carbon you are creating, how that compares with the rest of the world and with the average UK citizen. It also shows you how well you are doing (and we assume you will all be doing well!) on your way to reducing your carbon footprint to zero by 2045. By looking at your full result you can see what percentage of your carbon footprint comes from the four biggies:

  • travel

  • home

  • food

  • stuff

Obviously, to give you an accurate result, you will have to answer the questions based not on what you have been doing during the last year - don't suppose you have taken many flights during the pandemic? - but on how you lived pre-pandemic.

It's a fairly crude measurement, but it's a start.

Did you notice that there was no mention of fashion in the calculator?

We know that the fashion industry produces more harmful carbon emissions that the aviation and shipping industries combined, so you may also want to check out your fashion footprint, on the American site, Thred Up

It will give you your footprint compared to the average customer and allows you to click on to find out how to reduce that footprint. Again, use it as a starting point to remind yourself to consider your shopping habits.

Of course, this one covers the buying and repairing of clothes, but interesting to see a question about your laundry habits on there too.

It is well know that, in general, we

  • wash our clothes more than is necessary

  • use more detergent than is necessary

There's a whole other blog here, which we will write sooner rather than later, but in the meantime, why not just look at the basics.

  • Do you use an environmentally friendly detergent?

  • Do you use a tumble dryer?

Two things that can make quite a difference to your carbon footprint, and to the future of our planet.


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