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Show us Your Butt

An interesting report from SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) caught our eye this week

Despite recent rain large parts of Scotland are exceptionally short of water and levels in the north east remain  particularly low. 

SEPA's latest "water scarcity" report was published at the end of last week and said, "Above average rainfall would be required to reduce the drought risk over the summer."

Whenever we talk of the importance of saving water, we see the rolling of the eyes and hear cries of, "Save water?  In Scotland?"

But it is a serious problem, and, as ever, we each have a part to play.

Our small part?  We found a very simple way to make a mini water butt  that can collect what rain water we do get, and we were lucky enough to have a Primary 1 child on hand to help us.

In addition to the willing pair of hands, all we needed was an empty milk carton, scissors and string.

Don’t forget to make sure the lid is screwed on tightly! Then cut the bottom of the bottle

Punch a hole on either side of the bottle and loop the string through.

Hang your mini water butt in a spot where it will collect rainwater and when it is full unscrew the cap so the water flows into your watering can.



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