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Show and Tell

We started with a bit of decoupage.

We have decoupaged jars in the past which look great with a candle popped inside but we were now feeling confident to try something bigger.

We bought this mirror in a charity shop for £2.50 knowing perfectly well that we wanted to jazz it up a bit. We could have painted it but we think this is just a bit more special.

Decoupage is one of those things where the rewards are totally disproportionate to the effort you have to put in. It's quick, easy and cheap.

If you are unsure how to get started just jump over to our website for instructions.

At our Community Wardrobe we like to have inspiring or encouraging slogans and images just to remind everyone why we are giving out free clothes and household items and how each time you visit you are helping avert the climate crisis.

And we like those messages to be eye-catching, so this week we took a bit of time to print out the words, cut out the individual letters and stick them on to an old map that had been handed in to us.

It was a little more time-consuming than the decoupage, but - again - great rewards for something that is really straightforward.

Notice the red ribbon on the corner? That's there to hide the crack in the glass!

And by the way, the message is really important to us. There's more than one type of fashion victim.

  • those who feel under pressure to keep buying the latest fashion, whether or not it suits them and whether or not they can afford it

  • anyone who has to work in dreadful conditions or for very little reward right the way through the fashion chain, from growing the cotton to sewing the garments to keeping the shops stocked


So, we have shown you what we have done, now let's tell you why.

The mirror was bought in a charity shop (good!) but could just have easily been one languishing in our own house. Or it could have been a picture frame, a side table or a chest. Before you think of getting rid of something, we urge you always to think of ways to improve or upcycle it.

If you must buy, try second hand first and always consider the possibility of upcycling something that at first sight is not that loveable.

We used around six napkins (that we already had in the house) to cover the mirror, so the cost was neglible.

The map was out of date and really no use for a traveller, but, really, who doesn't love a map? We might have been tempted just to frame the map itself and gaze at it. We have previously used old maps as wrapping paper or used them to make gift bags, cards and envelopes. We definitely don't throw them out!

We might have been tempted to throw out the picture frame after we broke the glass, but, see - there was not need.

Of course, you may not want to have slogans hanging up on your walls but you can follow the same principle if you have a small picture and a big frame.

Always shop your own home when you want something new.

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