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Should it Stay or Should it Go?

We're still thinking about what to do with the things you would normally be gleefully dropping in to our Give Boxes.

What about accessories?  We usually pass them on to the Clothing Project or to Lifegate Community Cafe knowing that they will be passed on to people who really need them. 

Children's clothes are given to Togs for Tots, a great organisation that runs in a similar way to a foodbank, receiving donations from the public and distributing them to children suffering from the effects of poverty.

So, yes, we would normally love to receive these things, but we can't at the moment so is there something else you could do with them?  It didn't take too long for our imagination to kick in and come up with some very simple ideas - no DIY required.

What about your children's shoes and boots.  We know that feeling when the ones you love most are just too small for their feet but they are so cute you can't bear to get rid of them.

We are using them to store pens, pencils, scissors and glue.  We get the pleasure of seeing them every day  and our pens are easily to hand.  Win-win.  And very handy now we are home-schooling.

Don't throw out bags.  They can also be used for storage, especially those summer bags that, realistically, we are not likely to need this year.

A chic peg bag

Keeping all the swimming stuff together

A couple that now hold our toiletries

And our new favourite. 

This little backpack now sits beside the bed and has the fresh sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase all ready to be put on next time we change the bed.

Some of the more unusual items that find their way into our Give Boxes go to Scrap Antics, a fabulous scrap store that sources anything and everything that would have gone to landfill and sells it to anyone who can turn it into something beautiful or something useful.

Taking our cue from them we looked again at some lampshades that we were no longer using.  We have put them in the garden, but they would work equally well inside.  These are all beautiful, architectural pieces in their own right and deserve to be given a new lease of life.

By now we were really hitting our stride.  We looked at two CD racks that are surplus to requirements, but have absolutely nothing wrong with them.  We have seen these towers used  very successfully  to store other small items, but decided to go just a bit further, and for this one we did employ a little DIY.

See how they make splendid shelves for displaying some of our favourite things?  Or perhaps you would fill them with more practical items that you want close to hand? We painted them the same colour as the walls, though you don't necessarily have to do that.

Our final re-purposing this week was using an old, but very pretty, jewellery box as a sewing box.  Rather timely as we hope to write about sewing and making basic repairs in a blog soon.

Zero Waste Scotland reports that in 2018 (the latest year for which we have the figures) the amount of Scottish household waste generated fell by 2.3% to 2.41 million tonnes.  As a result the carbon impacts of Scotland's household waste also fell, by 1.8% from 2017.  This is the lowest recorded carbon impact for household waste since these records began in 2011 so, while there is a long way to go,  we are definitely on the right path.

We hope these statistics, as well as our blog, inspire you to look around your house and find new uses for previously loved items.  We will probably return to the topic, not just because it is so important to our project, but because it has been such fun coming up with these ideas.


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