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Reasons to be Cheerful

1,2,3 - anyone else presently singing the Ian Dury classic?

The pace of change may be slower than we would like, but there are always positive moves in the battle against the climate crisis.

We give you

No. 1

More than one major supermarket has stopped selling its plastic "bags for life", recognising that they have actually become single use carrier bags. They are being replaced by compostable carrier bags.

We love these super-strong bags and are currently using a couple to store our wool (always hopeful that we will find time to knit).

Data from Greenpeace suggests that supermarkets distributed more than 1.5 billion bags for life in 2019, weighing a total of 44,913 tonnes. Bags for life use more plastic in their production than conventional single-use bags so have actually increased the amount of plastic that is in circulation.

No. 2

Increasingly, there are drop off points for recycling make-up. We have wrestled with our conscience over this one. We are shocked at the wasteful plastic containers our make-up comes in, a problem that is only compounded by the extra layers of plastic often involved, but are not prepared to face the world with a naked face.

We banished much of the plastic waste from our beauty routines (such as they are!) long ago with shampoo bars, toothpaste tabs and natural deodorant so thank goodness we can now put our face on with a smile rather than a scowl.

Find your nearest drop-off point here

and let your make-up packaging be sorted, cleaned, then shredded into plastic pellets that can be used for moulded rigid plastic products like benches.

No. 3

Furniture stores are getting to grips with the waste generated each time we want to replace our sofa or dining table.

Not everyone wants to sell their pre-loved items on sites such as Gumtree, so it's important that other options are available.

Just a couple of examples:

· IKEA will buy back items you bought and sell them on again

· John Lewis will collect your old sofa when they deliver your new one

· Dunelm are working in partnership with the British Heart Foundation and Clearabee to re-distribute your unwanted pieces

Onward and upward :)

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