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Our Project

You know that our job is to encourage you to lead a more sustainable life but what does that really mean day-to-day?  How do we do that?

What do we actually do?

People often say to us that they understand what the Gate Church Carbon Saving project does, helping the local community adopt low carbon lifestyles while providing help to those experiencing poverty across Dundee, but what do we - the staff - actually DO?

Distilling this into a few hundred words is nigh on impossible, but we will try to give you a better insight.

We certainly don't have a set routine.

We are a small team of four (not all working full time) augmented by a great bunch of volunteers.

One of us looks after the admin and one the strategic overview, so that leaves two of us hands-on.

And we do mean hands-on. You will sometimes find us sitting in front of a screen

  • writing a newsletter or blog

  • working on a presentation

  • catching up on correspondence

But you are much more likely to see us out and about, possibly with dirty hands

  • collecting donations from our Give Boxes from around the city

  • sorting out those donations (one fixed point in the week, that takes place on Wednesday afternoons)

  • delivering those donations to our partners

  • collecting food for the community fridge

  • stocking the fridge

  • planting, weeding and harvesting in our vegetable garden

  • running a workshop

  • cooking up a storm in the kitchen in preparation for an event (no outside catering for us)

  • setting up for our monthly clothes swap

Some of the more unusual things we have done in the past couple of years?

  • painted the container that now houses our community fridge

  • sewed dozens of little flannel squares for a workshop

  • chopped hundreds - and we do not exaggerate - of apples for our apple press

  • shovelled compost into bags

  • made our own deodorant and toothpaste (oh, the building smelt good that day)

So, you can see that our job is

  • physical - yes we are sometimes tired at the end of the day but at least we don't then have to go to the gym to build up our muscles

  • sociable - we have fantastic conversations with our partners, members of the public and each other

The best thing about working here?

  • Driving our electric van! For anyone who hasn't driven an e-vehicle, it's like being in a little space ship and we just love it

  • being surrounded by people who are all as passionate as we are about saving our planet

Above all, our job is fun. Other people working in the building will often ask in amazement, "What ARE you up to now?" It doesn't really feel like work at all.


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