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One Small Step

Today's blog is short and sweet.

If you currently only have time and head space to make one little change, but you want that little change to have a big impact, we know just how you feel.

There is one really easy, quick way to make a difference. Be sure that you are getting your electricity from a company using renewable sources.

Green energy is called 'renewable' for a good reason. It comes from sources that won't run out and which don't produce emissions that cause climate change.

The good news is that the UK is generating more green energy every year.

Up until 16th June this year, the UK went a record-breaking 67 days without using fossil fuels to provide electricity. Admittedly, we always use less power in warmer weather, and this period was during the coronavirus lockdown when demand for power plummeted by up to 20% compared to the same period last year, but still .... we choose to celebrate.

Switching to a green energy supplier is so easy. Just go to any of the comparison sites. We don't really feel it is our place to recommend any particular supplier, but please do suss it out.

And if you already use a green energy company - well done. We'll need to think of another challenge for you!


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