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Not a Load of Old Cobblers

We are feeling quite pleased with ourselves this week.

Why? Oh, it's not as if we have done anything really clever. We certainly haven't come up with the answer to the climate crisis or anything like that.

Actually, all we did was go to the cobblers.

Pretty mundane really, but you know how we always talk about repairing things whenever we can. Sometimes, of course, it's a repair that's beyond us and so it was when our Converse trainers lost two of their rivets. Initially we though there was nothing to do but buy a new pair but then we remembered a High Street stalwart.

Off to Timpson's we went. We are mentioning them by name because we are so in awe of the company's ethos.

The success of this business, established in 1865, with 1,934 stores throughout the UK and Ireland, is largely down to its owner and CEO, Sir James Timpson who says, "If you treat people well, it is blindingly obvious that they will do a good job."

Here's what we love about Timpson's

  • it operates an 'Upside Down' management style giving authority to its colleagues, while retaining responsibility

  • there are only two rules for colleagues - look the part and put the money in the till

  • it is a true equal opportunities employer with a simple and transparent recruitment model - they look for great personalities

  • it is one of the largest employers of ex-offenders in the UK. Sir John believes in offering an alternative to crime and allowing those with a criminal record to break away from the cycle of re-offending

  • it offers a free dry-cleaning service to help the unemployed look and feel their best for job interviews - whether that is an interview with Timpson's, or with another company

It is hardly surprising that this company, with its emphasis on putting employees first, is ranked in the top 10 of the Sunday times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Hardly surprising either that we like to go there whenever we need a repair, a key cut or a watch battery.

Sorry, this is turning into a rather long story ........ Where were we?

We have previously had shoes re-heeled at Timpson's and got a laptop bag stitched there not so long ago so thought it was worth taking the damaged Converse trainers there too.

And, yes, they fixed them.

The repair took two minutes and cost us - wait for it - £3. A really tiny fraction of the cost of replacing them. Result!


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