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No Need to Spend a Penny

We are preparing for our second clothes swap since lockdown. Oh happy days!

We had a trial run at the beginning of August, doing things a bit differently, of course. We asked you to book a slot and, had all sorts of hygiene rules, but still, we were so pleased to be able to get going again.

Like everyone else, we are gradually easing our way into the 'new normal' and learning as we go.

Our next clothes swap will be held over two days, Friday 11th and Saturday 12th September, 11am - 4pm both days, and we have made a couple of small tweaks.

We will still be asking you to book a slot so we can keep the social distancing, but this time we will be charging £2 for admission. There are two reasons for this

  • as part of our latest funding, we need to make our Give Boxes (and the clothes swaps are an extension of the Give Boxes) self-funding

  • last month an awful lot of people booked a slot but didn't turn up. That in turn almost certainly meant there were others who would have liked to have been able to come but weren't able to. We have found in the past that if we charge just a small amount, we get hardly any no-shows

We are hoping you agree that £2 is not a lot to spend, when you are almost certain to find at least one item to take home. We will, once again, have some household items to give away and we will not have a limit on the number of items you can take.

However, although the primary aim of our project is to encourage a green lifestyle, our secondary goal is to help alleviate poverty in Dundee. We would just hate for anyone to feel they couldn't attend our clothes swap because they cannot spare the admission fee.

If you do not have the money, please send an email to:

and we will arrange free admission for you.

We will be able to accommodate (safely) a few 'walk-ins' so if you are reading this and realising you have missed the opportunity to book a slot, we are reasonably confident that if you turn up you will not have to wait too long to get in.

So, it's a swap - you can bring along donations of clothes on the day, but please, please, please DO NOT bring anything else to the swap. Our partners are not yet up and running so we have nowhere to take these items just now, and we absolutely cannot store them all!

Also, you do NOT HAVE to bring clothes to swap. You can come empty-handed, yet leave with a handful.

It may be that you have not been to one of our swaps before so, at the risk of repeating ourselves, let's just run through why we love second hand clothes.

Not only do we like the individual look you can get from them, and, of course, the money we save, they are just so eco-friendly

  • they don't consume further resources as they have already been made

  • they don't end up in landfill

  • they can reduce the demand for fast fashion, so lessen the need for slave labour and sweatshops. Let's all go for sustainable fashion

  • second hand clothes tend to last longer because they have generally been washed at least a couple of times so any shrinking or fading that would occur has already occurred. What you see is what you get

We have lots of lovely clothes just waiting for a new home, so if you can come, please do. Then make sure you tell everyone where you got your beautiful new dress/coat/ bag so that second hand clothing becomes absolutely the new normal.

You can book a slot for our clothes swap here:


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