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Duvet Days

Let’s take a look at upcycling today.

We all know the three Rs: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

There is a good reason for them being in that order. The most important one to consider is REDUCE. But Re-use comes second and we really like it because it:

satisfies our creative urges

saves us money

helps us to reduce our overall consumption of ‘stuff’

So, picture the scene.  You realise there is something you really need (not just want!).  You could head straight to the shops.  Or you could get online.  Or you could look around and see if, in fact, you already have what you need.  OK, perhaps you don't have what you need yet, but you may well find the constituent parts if you just know where to look.

Keen to get started?

We certainly were so we made a little video showing you how to make a new bed for your pet using only an old duvet, fabric and some very basic sewing skills.

It  really is easy and shouldn't take you more than a couple of hours, even if you are a complete newbie to this kind of thing.

Take a look ......


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