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Is That My Shirt?

This week we came across two children's chair desperately in need of attention, so put on our upcycling hat.

In the past we have upholstered chairs by going along to our lovely local upholsterer who runs very relaxing, but very informative courses and who taught us the basic skills.

We could have - as we have done before - got out our paint brush to give the chairs a new lease of life, but we decided to go for something different. Something very quick and easy.

We took out a shirt from the bag due to go to the Community Wardrobe and simply slipped it over the chair and tied the arms at the back.

What do you think?

For the second chair, we chose two separates - pairing a jumper and a skirt to give what we consider to be a very pleasing effect. Yes, it does look as if a small person is sitting watching our every move but given that we have had no visitors for months, that's fine by us.

So, three items of clothing re-used and two chairs fit to be seen once more.

We're happy.


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