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Gold for Gate Church

Did you know that the Gate Church has been given a gold award for its environmental work? It came from Eco Congregation Scotland, a movement of more than 500 Scottish church congregations that are committed to addressing environmental issues.

It was the church, rather that the Carbon Saving project that won the award, but we still feel rather proud. The assessors were impressed with the church's “outstanding contribution in demonstrating practical action taken within the church.”

You probably know about our Community Fridge - if not, I refer you to our blog published on 5th August

and the Community Wardrobe (blog published on 28th October)

not forgetting our commitment to carbon literacy (blog published on 29th May)

But did you know about the work done to the church building to reduce carbon emissions?

Since 2013 the church has installed solar panels, condensing boilers, draught proofing , insulation and a rain water harvesting system. All done to a Grade A listed building, really showing us that where there's a will, there's a way. Retro-fitting environmentally friendly measures to old buildings may not be easy, but here's the proof that it can be done. You won't believe how much they reduced their energy bills.

  • gas usage down 63%

  • electricity usage down 67%

  • water usage down 20%

Truly this is a church that knows that words are not enough. They are protecting the environment and tackling local and global issues in very practical ways.

The success of all the projects depends very much on an army of volunteers, many of whom do not have a link to the church. This, surely, is the way to combat climate change. Lots of people each doing their bit adds up to a huge global movement. The award assessors noted the church's outstanding leadership in environmental practice but without our volunteers it just couldn't be done.

Aside from the projects specifically funded by the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF), the church was commended for its partnership with developing countries, an acknowledgement that it is the poorer countries of the world who have done least to add to global warming, but who will pay the highest price. Through Compassion Scotland the church and its congregation sponsor 67 children. That sponsorship makes a HUGE difference to the children and their families, and really gives them a brighter future.

We love the fact that the church is committed to looking after each other as much as looking after the environment.

The Gate Church is well on its way to its aim of being the greenest church in Scotland and we are very proud to be able to be playing our part.


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