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Going Round in Circles

Ah, wait - did you think we were describing ourselves in our current situation? That would make sense. Whether it's the news about the climate emergency, the pandemic, crises in various countries around the world, financial concerns. .... our heads are indeed spinning. And that's before we think about working from home, home schooling, loved ones we haven't seen for months.

Gosh, we've all got a lot going on.

All together now - breathe!

Actually we are trying to banish the circle of thoughts chasing each other inside our heads and think of an altogether better circle. We are thinking of the Circular Economy.

It's something we talk about quite a lot. A circular economy is just as it sounds, things going round and round ..... and round, in a very sustainable way. A circular economy designs out waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use and regenerates natural systems.

How often have we spoken about reusing items, whether that's

  • donating to, and taking second hand clothes from, our Community Wardrobe

  • re-purposing wellies as plantpots and penholders

  • putting our tealeaves and potato peelings into the compost bin

  • making face masks out of an old shirt

And avoiding waste? I give you the Community Fridge.

That's the circular economy, albeit on a small, domestic scale.

As individuals we are doing our bit, but we now need businesses to get on board.

And don't think that's not going to happen. Remember, we individuals have a lot of influence here. We can choose which businesses we want to buy from, which services we want to use and we can make those decisions by checking out their green credentials.

Those of you who run your own business have probably already put some thought into this. We hope you are highlighting what you are doing to help the planet in your websites and social media posts. Make it easier for people to get this information and more people will start using it in a positive way. It's a win for the planet and a win for your business.

Zero Waste Scotland is, as always, a great resource for anyone who wants to find out more about how to run their business in a sustainable way.


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