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The Show is About to Begin

If you follow us on Facebook you will know that we have a great addition to our team at the moment.

Thanks to "Cultivate", a collaboration with Creative Dundee, we have Jade, a wonderful local storyteller/actor working with us to make more people aware of what we do at the Community Wardrobe and - importantly - why we do it. Like us, she wants to see any lingering stigma about second hand clothing to be completely banished.

Collaborative working is the future! We can all learn so much from each other and we are already looking forward to sharing Jade's ideas with you all.

She is, however, a busy little bee and is also working on other projects. But just because we are not officially part of them, don't think that we have no involvement. Oh no, where do you think she looked for her costumes?

And how much fun do you think we had searching the rails together?

We have so many clothes that she found just what she was looking for in a very short space of time.

From this .....

to this ......

So if you are involved in theatrical productions and want to work in an environmentally-friendly way (that's all of you, right?) please speak to us. We're quietly confident we will be able to provide at least some of what you need.

And please don't worry about not having the room to store extra costumes. The beauty of using clothes from our Community Wardrobe is that you can just bring them back when you are finished with them and they can go on to the next person.

If you do use our clothes for anything out of the ordinary, please take some pictures for us. We love to hear about the journeys our clothes go on.


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