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Gardening adds Years to your Life and Life to your Years

Time to get out in the garden again, having - thankfully - resisted the temptation to put our little seedlings and new plants out too early. We have learned the hard way that no matter how lovely the sunshine is during the day, those cold night time temperatures leading to frost are no friend to gardeners.

That's not to say we have not been flexing our green fingers, Oh no, there's plenty growing on every available window sill, supplemented by the odd table placed just where it can catch the sun streaming in.

Before we got to the joy of seeing seeds sprouting we took great delight in finding little containers for them. We love making our own little pots from newspaper, or planting the seeds in old egg gardens or toilet roll tubes because then, when the time comes, we can just pop the whole thing into the ground. No need to worry about disturbing any delicate roots. The cardboard and paper will just disintegrate in the ground.

Truly, gardening and recycling/upcycling go hand in hand.

Show us the gardener who doesn't have a pile of odds and ends tucked beneath the potting bench or round the back of the shed "just in case they come in handy". Creative recycling in the garden can save you a lot of money.

We've been doing a bit of upcycling ourselves, making two potting tables. We have two versions, both pretty much no cost, so you just need to consider how much time you have available.

1. We took the base of a table whose top had fallen apart, and simply laid on an old un-needed kitchen unit door on top.

Time required: less than one minute

Skills required: zero

Or do you prefer the fancier version ......

2. We made a DIY workbench (or, in our case, a potting table) with instructions from our old friend, You Tube.

Time required: 3-4 hours

Skills required: moderate

You can find out how to make this beauty here

If you are now thinking you would like to get started growing your own, or if we have made you think of extending your range, why not come along to our Plant and Seed Swap on Saturday 8th May at 11 am.

We will be beside our Community Fridge, at Miller's Wynd car park, Perth Road, Dundee with a selection of seeds and seedlings to give away and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. As the name suggests, you can also bring along seeds or plants that you want to pass on to someone else.

We're running our Plant and Seed Swap as part of Green Health Week, a great time for us all to learn the health benefits of being outdoors.

We are also running what we think will be a fascinating Bio Diversity Workshop, where we will learn how to make our outdoor space more nature friendly.

Note that we will be learning at this one as much as any other participant. We are lucky enough to have Kevin Frediani, Curator of the University of Dundee Botanic Garden joining us to tell us about the University's Rewilding Dundee project.

This is a project that aims to help us all share our commitment to wildlife friendly gardening in whatever space we have available and to map it in a way that shows how our landscape can be joined up so it works better for wildlife as an interconnected urban nature reserve.

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