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Buying vs. renting ......

We are still considering what we will be wearing this festive season.

We're hoping that many of you have been able to come to our Community Wardrobe and that you found just what you wanted, but maybe you didn't. It happens. Occasionally. So, what will you do now?

Will you consider renting instead of buying?

We've written about renting clothes before as one of the ways to avoid the fast fashion trap, while still giving you the fashion fix you crave. It certainly makes sense if you want to wear something really special, but have more than a sneaky feeling, you will not wear it more than once, or twice at a push.

Well, that option may just have got a bit easier for you.

Last week Marks and Spencer launched an edit - fashion-speak for a range! - of clothing that can be hired. Now, this is big news as it's one thing for specialist online sites to spring up offering dresses and the like for hire, but it's quite another for one of the major - dare we say, more traditional - players on the High Street to jump on to the bandwagon. If M&S customers see this - and actually start doing it - hiring clothes will truly become mainstream.

Let's get some detail

  • customers can now rent M&S clothing on the UK's leading rental website, Hirestreet

  • Hirestreet is operated by the Zoa Group, in which M&S has invested

  • this new venture supports M&S's commitment to drive the circular economy and its plan to be a net zero business by 2040

The High Street giant is running this as a 'test and learn' trial and, of course, wanted to launch it ahead of the Christmas party season.

  • over 40 pieces will be available for rental

  • while they sell for between £69 and £299, they will be available to rent from £13 for four days

Naturally, they would not be doing this if they had not carried out research that shows customers are increasingly interested in the circular fashion economy, nor if they were not confident of attracting new customers, so perhaps things are moving in the right direction.

We didn't plan to run an advert for Marks and Spencer today, and other retailers are available, but we do see this as a very positive step and hope that other chains will soon follow suit.


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