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So, COP26 has begun.

Are you glued to the news, wanting to hear everything that is being said? Or are you finding it all a bit too much?

Whichever camp you fall into, there is no doubt that these are important discussions because we need governments to commit to real change. We came across a rather sobering list of weather events that have happened so far this year, and while all weather events have multiple causes, no-one reading this can deny climate change is well and truly with us

JANUARY, Severe snowfall in Madrid - The heaviest snowfall the city has seen since 1971

JANUARY Storm Christoph brings flooding to UK - "Danger to life" warnings were issued in Merseyside and North Wales

MARCH, Dust storm blights Bejing - Air pollution rose to severe levels after a major sandstorm was fuelled by winds from drought-hit Mongolia

JUNE, Moscow hit by heatwave - Temperatures rose to 43 degrees, the hottest June day for 120 years

JUNE, Soaring temperatures in North America - Californian residents were advised to conserve their energy as temperatures reached 43C

JULY, Wildfires in Oregon - Wildfires scorched an area of forest and grasslands larger than the city of Los Angeles, spurred on by erratic winds and months of drought

JULY, Floods in West Germany - Two months worth of rain fell in two days

JULY, Landsides in Japan - Houses in Atami were swept away by torrents of mud and rock following days of torrential rain

JULY, Flooding in China - Evening commuters could barely keep their heads above water after a period of record-breaking rain

AUGUST, Wildfires in Greece - Blazes tore through Greece following its most severe heatwave for decades

AUGUST, Hurricane Ida lands in Louisiana - The fifth strongest hurricane ever to hit the US mainland



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