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Did Someone Say Party?

We feel it's time for a socially distanced get-together, don't you? The word 'party' doesn't feel quite right, but we have missed our usual gatherings. We are confident that we can keep everybody safe but don't want our safety considerations to mean that our eco-friendly principles fly out the window.

We want to see our family and friends but to do it in a sustainable way. That doesn't mean doing without things, it just means doing some things a little differently.

So what changes will we make?

No balloons!

  • they take between six months and four years to decompose

  • therefore contributing to the death of more than 100,000 marine mammals who die each year by becoming tangled in, or ingesting, plastic

And helium balloons are even worse!

Helium is a finite resource that is fast running out. David Cole-Hamilton, emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of Andrews has urged us not to have helium balloons as the gas is needed for MRI scans, and while the gas used in the scanners and deep sea diving can be recycled, the same is not true for balloons.

We like the air of celebration that balloons give, but we can get that elsewhere.

We made paper chains for a 21st birthday celebration a few years ago that have been strung in various places ever since. They were originally hung round trees overlooking the River Tay, so there's no need to despair if you don't have a garden. Just take a few decorations to the park, the beach or by the river and make your spot that bit more cheery.

Paper chains are one of the easiest thing in the world to make

The bunting we made for a leaving party some time ago will also be making an appearance.

Making bunting is a bit more tricky but only requires basic sewing skills. It is well worth the effort as it instantly says "party". And remember it will last forever. We love it because you can use up any spare fabric you have (we cut up a couple of old shirts and dresses for ours). You know how we love things that barely cost any money

Now the is garden looking suitably party ready we just need to think about feeding our guests (and maybe give them a little drink or two!)

Here's where you might be tempted to use disposable items, but please don't!

And, of course, we don't want you to buy anything new, even though there are some fabulous eco-friendly items out there. But only buy them when you really need to. First, look around your home and use what you have already got - it's always going to be the most sustainable way.

But - we hear you say - I don't have enough plates or cutlery.

And we say - no problem. Just ask your guests to bring them. Personally we prefer not to ask each person to bring their own set, rather we would ask one person to bring along, say, four plates, another to bring extra knives and forks, someone to bring a couple of chairs and so on.

Let's get away from the culture of having to own everything and think more about borrowing what we need when we need it.

I think we are all set now. Just keeping our fingers crossed for good weather.

PS - If you have children to entertain remember do check out the children's activities on our website. We have added instructions for making boats and pressing flowers and leaves.


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