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Christmas is Coming

Our thoughts turning to Christmas

What is top of your list?

  • the presents you have to buy

  • food and drink you will need

  • checking if you have enough seats for everyone

  • making travel arrangements

  • deciding what you will wear

We can't necessarily help you with the first four on that list, although we do have an opinion on how to do them in a sustainable way, but for now, maybe we can help you with the last big question.

What will we wear?

Well, one things is for certain. Whether we end up hosting a large Christmas dinner at home, going to visit relatives, heading out for a celebratory drink or two or just getting cosy at home, we will be wearing second hand clothes. Why, even when we went to meet the Queen at the beginning of last month, we went wearing pre-loved.

Obviously we are hoping that many of you feel the same, so we will be turning our Community Wardrobe into a Christmas wonderland so we can all look fabulous without depleting the earth's resources further. And for that we need your help.

Why not have a bit of a clear out now, before the festivities begin?

Maybe, like us, you have found that some of your clothes mysteriously shrunk during the pandemic!

We would love to have your donations of

- Christmas jumpers

- party clothes and accessories

- unwanted gifts

We would then love you to come to the Wardrobe and take away

- Christmas jumpers

- party clothes and accessories

- unwanted gifts

Get it?

What you no longer want or need could be just what someone else is looking for. You could find your dream outfit or the perfect gift for someone special without having to actually buy something new.

The earth will thank you every time you give clothes and gifts a few extra years of life.

The observant amongst you will have noticed that the last Saturday in December is the 25th, and surely it goes without saying that our Community Wardrobe will not be open then. However, we know that our Saturday opening works for a lot of people who can't come on a Friday, so we will open on Saturday 11th December.

You're maybe wondering why we didn't choose Saturday 18th? Well, the 11th is the end of Dundee's West End Christmas Fortnight, a great local event that we love being part of - more on what else we are contributing to that in a future blog ......


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