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Carry On Growing

We’re still in the mood for gardening, but still trying to find what we need and really hoping we are not the only ones who have all sorts of bits and pieces (rubbish? clutter?) lurking in strange places.

But first, we found a couple of sites offering free seeds, so if it’s lack seeds that’ holding you back, why not try these?

But first, we found a couple of sites offering free seeds, so if it's lack seeds that's holding you back, why not try these?

Presumably these are on a first come-first served basis, so get your skates on!

Back to the matter in hand.

If your seedlings are getting big and strong it is time to re-plant them.

OK, these are very big seedlings ....they are the giant sunflower seeds we planted indoors at the beginning of March when we were looking for an activity to keep children busy. 

Each member of the family planted one seed so the race is on to see whose grows the tallest.

Incidentally, you can hardly go wrong with sunflowers, they are one of the easiest plants to grow, and don't they put a smile on your face when they are in full bloom?  Now is the time to plant them outdoors.  Don't forget that not only do the sunflowers attract pollinating insects while they are blooming, at the end of the season they become an excellent food source for wild birds.

You can simply leave the sunflowers where they are, you can cut the top of the plants off and hang them like this, or you can thread wire through the actual seed head and hang them up for the birds.

Have we gone a bit off track?  We were talking generally about re-potting seedlings......

If you have got a garden, you hardly need us to tell you how to put them in the ground, but if your gardening takes place on a windowsill, balcony or your front step you're going to need pots.

Even if the garden centres were open these can be pretty expensive, so time to get creative.  Look around - pretty tins that once held shortbread or toiletries, wooden containers that came packed with goodies?  You know, the kind of thing you hang on to, sure it will come in handy.  Well that moment has arrived!

Whatever you decide to use, you will need to give it drainage holes.  We did this by holding a screwdriver to the tin and banging it with a hammer - worked pretty well.

If you can't find tins, why not use yogurt pots?

If you are concerned that your basic pot doesn't look great,  you can jazz it up a bit by simply wrapping a rectangle of fabric - in this case an old pillow case -  round it, kept in place with ribbon, string or, our favorite, raffia.

You have maybe noticed that we err on the shabby side of shabby chic.  If your taste runs to something a bit smarter, paint and varnish your pots and be sure to take them inside over the winter months.

Next time we will look at a different topic, but will almost certainly return to re-purposed items at a future date. 

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy getting out of doors, even if gardening is not quite your thing.


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