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Brace Yourself

We think we are making progress, but we still have such a

long way to go

We were going to write a frothy little blog today about our ideas for using up your scraps of fabric, but how could we possibly ignore the story of Amazon destroying millions of unsold items every year?

Gosh, last week we were urging you not to use single-use plastic. Here are items that have not even been used once being thrown away.

We are writing this a little in advance to allow us some time off in the summer, so by the time you are reading this the story is two weeks old. But even if you already know about it, please just read it again and let those facts really sink in.

Undercover filming inside Amazon's Dunfermline warehouse revealed that every week smart TVs. laptops, drones, hairdryers, books and much, much more are put into boxes marked "destroy".

Those boxes are all thrown into vast bins that go into lorries and are dumped at either recycling centres or - can you believe it - a landfill site.

An ex-employee said, "our target was generally to destroy 130,000 items a week." He went on to say that he had seen 20,000 Covid facemasks still in their wrappers thrown out. 20,000!

Overall, 50% of the discarded items were unopened and still in their shrink wrap. The other half were returns, that were still in good condition.

A leaked document from inside the Dunfermline warehouse shows that in one week in April more than 124,000 items were marked "destroy". In the same period, just 28,000 items were labelled "donate". We are trying to picture 124,000 items!

At this point - if you are still able to breathe normally - you are maybe, like us, thinking, "Why?"

Because Amazon charges companies to store their products in their warehouses and the longer the goods remain unsold, the more the company is charged to store them. It is eventually cheaper to dispose of the goods than to continue to store them.

We thought the STV report gave a perfect ending to this horror story. "Go 40 minutes southwest from Dunfermline and you'll arrive in Glasgow where the UK will host the world's biggest ever climate conference in November. And yet just up the road, Amazon is producing huge amounts of environmental waste."


And finally, if anyone from Amazon is reading this, please get in touch. Until you get your business model sorted out, we would be absolutely delighted to receive your unwanted stock and distribute it to those who can only dream of owning a MacBook or iPad.

PS. Did you notice there were no photographs in today's blog? What could be possibly have added? Any images would surely have detracted from, rather than enhanced, this sober tale.


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