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Be Part of the Solution

Today we are gearing up for Plastic Free July

It's quite a clear message, isn't it? A month of avoiding single use plastic.

So, we thought we should do was a little inventory of any single use plastic at our Community Wardrobe and Community Fridge. Best to know where the challenge lies for us.

Community Wardrobe

We do see plastic here. Not unnaturally, people tend to give us their donations in plastic bags. But we can take heart that they are not single-use. We pass on the shopping bags to the Foodbank who then use them when distributing their food.

Note here to anyone thinking of handing in a donation. If you want to use a non-plastic bag we will happily empty if for you immediately and give it back to you (to fill with your new clothes!).

We re-use bin liners as - well - bin liners.

And we put any smaller or torn bags into the pile for taking to the recycling bin at the supermarket.

We have recently found a good use for the plastic bags our breadstuffs come in :)

Community Fridge

Here it is more tricky.

The plastic we get here comes almost exclusively from supermarkets. Bread, fruit and vegetables are more often than not inside a plastic bag or wrapping. We can only hope that those who take the food home re-use or re-cycle the wrappers, but in the meantime there is something we can all do tackle the problem at source.

Friends of the Earth have a petition calling on the UK government to take urgent action to reduce manufacturers' and retailers' production of plastic waste to protect our oceans and ensure the food and water we consume is safe and plastic free.

You could sign that today. In fact, you could probably sign it right now.

At the time of writing 331,936 people have signed the petition.

By law, any petition with 10,000 signatures gets a response from the government and after 100,000 signatures petitions are considered for debate in Parliament.

Never think you can't make a difference!

The Plastic Free July movement has inspired an estimated 326 million participants in 177 countries. to change their habits. All those small changes will collectively make a massive difference.

You can choose to refuse single-use plastics in July. Check out the website to find great alternatives that can become new habits and we suspect you are highly unlikely to go back to your old ways on 1st August.

Something we really like about Plastic Free July is the opportunity to learn how to avoid single use plastic waste in every part of our lives. No use ditching the plastic at home and then carelessly using a disposable cup at work or buying a takeaway for lunch and tossing the container in the nearest bin.

Speaking of which, did you know that plastic items from takeaway food and drink dominate the litter in the world's oceans? Single-use bags, plastic bottles, food containers and food wrappers are the four most widespread items polluting the seas and make up almost half of the human-made waste found there.

Thankfully, in our experience, one thing leads to another. If your workplace provides recycling bins it then feels plain wrong to put recyclable products in the kitchen bin at home. And if you religiously recycle everything you can at home, shouldn't you be doing everything you can to encourage the same culture at your place of work?

It's the last day of June, so you still have time to sign up. And, do you know what, if you're a day or two late we don't think anyone will mind.

If you have been really quick off the mark and are reading this before 7 pm on Wednesday 30th June you also have time to sign up to the online workshop we are running with the Little Green Larder. Join us at this interactive event to find out why saying no to plastic is best for the environment and the climate emergency.


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