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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Re is definitely our favourite prefix. Repurpose, Reuse, Refresh, Rejuvenate, Revamp, Revive, Re-create - these are the words that make our heart sing.

This week's clear out of our Sorting Room ( the room we use to sort out our Community Wardrobe donations, and - yes - it does make us think of Harry Potter each time we say it) produced the following items to (re)consider.

  • A suit cover with a broken zip and a hole in it

  • A bag that presumably once contained a brand new duvet

  • A duvet

  • A torn yoga mat

The decision was quite easy. Outdoor cushions!

Makes sense really when you consider that we are spending more time outdoors, but can't

absolutely rely on having good weather all the time. What could be better than a waterproof cushion?

So, we took the duvet bag, laid it on top of the duvet and drew round it. Then cut the duvet. At this point we could have simply put it in the bag, but we are always keen to add a bit of colour so we cut an old duvet cover the to correct size, and sewed the duvet inside. Put that into the bag and there we have it!

Similarly, we cut another piece of the duvet to fit into the suit bag and slipped it inside. Then we simply sewed up the edging round the broken zip.

We could have used the same material that we used for the smaller cushion to make a colourful cover but our menfolk were quite pleased to see something plain for a change!

We did manage to sneak a bit of colour in when we sewed on a patch to cover the tear in the suit cover. Do you recognise the remains of the bag for life we used to line our hanging basket not so long ago?

No more cold or wet bottoms for us when we sit out on the steps for our lunch.

And what do we like most about these outdoor cushions? Their handles!

And, you probably noticed that we haven' used the yoga mat yet, but the plan is in our head. It will be made into cushions too (using the rest of the colourful fabric - sorry boys). They won't be waterproof but they will be comfy.


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