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And the Winner Is .....

It's the time of year when awards are given out.

Why, us! Cue modest faces all round :)

We, along with C J Lang, were recently awarded the Green Apple Environment Award.

To be precise, after winning Gold for the Best Environmental Practice in Scotland, we went on to win the overall Gold National Award.

We have now been entered into in the Global Awards...... watch this space!

The Green Apple Environment Awards were established in 1994 as an annual campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world. They have admirable aims:

  • to improve environmental performance

  • encourage the efficient use of resources

  • enhance the competitiveness of organisations

  • to support the wider goals of sustainable development, including social benefits through community and staff involvement

It was the community involvement that did it for us.

CJ Lang has been based in Dundee since 1919 and is the country's largest independent retailing and distribution company, supplying goods to over 300 SPAR stores throughout Scotland. However, you maybe know it better as the company that donates a HUGE amount of surplus food to our Community Fridge.

Now that they are a Green World Ambassador, the winning paper submitted by CJ Lang and the Gate Church Carbon Saving Project will be published in the Green Book, helping others to help the environment.

Aha, now that's what we like to hear.

You must have noticed that several times we wrote one of our favourite words, 'partnership'. We would love it if partnerships between business and community groups became absolutely the norm.

So we are maybe not quite there yet, but still, we feel we are finishing the year with a good news story.

Happy New Year to you all. Just by reading our blog and - possibly - making some small changes in your behaviour, we feel you have contributed to this award. Congratulations all round!


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