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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Following on from last week's gardening blog, here are a few ideas for upcycling in your green patch.

Lost the lids? You can plant seeds and bulbs in your old tea and coffee pots.

We didn't particularly want this on the wall, but we love it in the garden. We just swapped the glass candle holders for terracotta pots. Trailing nasturtium seeds are in now so fingers crossed for a brilliant splash of colour soon.

We picked up these hanging baskets for a song at an allotment's annual sale, and used bags for life to replace the plastic lining that had long since vanished.

We elevated this plant simply by placing it on and old metal chair. This would look fab in a busy border.

And because we like to relax in our garden, as well as nurture the plants -

Cable reels make great tables.

A stack of pallets makes a table in minutes.

No need to buy lights when you can pop candles into jars, that you can then decorate with scraps of material if you wish.

And what do all these have in common? They have all had a previous life, they cost us nothing and are incredibly easy to do.

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