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A Bit of Detective Work

Children are the future, right?

We love working with, not just the children, but the whole family. This is the way change will come about. Isn't it true that when children are very small, they learn from their parents, but as the children grow and find their place in the world, it is them who can teach the adults around them.

And while we are talking about learning and teaching, we also want to make it fun. We want the children only think they are having fun, but sneakily we know that they are taking in messages about what they can do to safeguard the future of the planet. We love it when the whole family can learn something new and get the conversations going about how they are going to put new ideas into practice.

That was the thinking behind Save the Earth Eco Trail, which we are running during the October holidays.

We are encouraging all families to pick up an activity sheet at our Community Fridge and follow the trail along Perth Road. Answer the questions along the way, then return your sheet to be in with a chance to win a prize.

As well as picking up a few tips to help the earth and be more eco friendly at home, we hope everyone will have had an enjoyable time out in the fresh air.

We had great fun putting the trail together and hope that many of you will have fun following the trail and answering the questions. We also had fun choosing our family-friendly prizes. Can you guess from these clues where our winners will be heading?

Our eco trail will run until Friday 24th October. Good luck everyone!


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