Community Wardrobe


Free clothes/shoes/accessories for everyone. Help us stop good quality clothing going in the bin and learn how to live more sustainably. 


You will be able to book a slot from Monday April 26th and each Monday after that for that weeks Wardrobe events - check our events page for more information.


To see our latest guidelines on what items can be donated to the Community wardrobe please see our Donate page


What is it? Our 'Community Wardrobe' aims to encourage more people to REUSE, REPAIR & SHARE. We have a selection of clothes, accessories and household items for adults, a small selection of children's clothing, as well as some other seasonal bits and bobs! Entry is £2 per person/group (this is to make sure people turn up for their timeslot) but we would appreciate a small donation for the items you take on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis, if you are able, which helps us to continue the work we are doing. We have contactless payment facilities and can also accept cash. We are open every Friday 11-4 and the same times on the last Saturday of the month.

Why? ‘Fast Fashion’ is one of the top problems driving the climate & ecological crisis and we can all do our bit to cut down - like using second-hand clothes! It's cheaper, better for the planet and a really fun challenge. Who gets a buzz out of buying new clothes?? We guarantee you get more of a buzz when you find a second-hand gem for just pennies.

How do I book? To help us keep everyone safe, you need to book a 15 minute time slot – we are limited how many people we can have in at one time so if you are late we cannot guarantee entry, we appreciate your understanding with this. You can book a slot from Monday of each week.

Can I donate items? Yes and for a trial period we will be accepting not only clothes, but other good quality household items as well. But we are changing how we do this a little. The problem of clothes (and other things) being dumped on charities has become a real problem over the last few years. As our project is about changing behaviours as well as saving waste we want to encourage our participants to consider more carefully what they are buying and donating. We therefore encourage people to first consider – is the item in good enough condition that you would give it to a friend or family member? If not, we won’t be able to take it either. We are planning a blog post soon which will explain all of our reasons for this – keep an eye out for that!

Community first – we understand not everyone can afford even the £2 entry fee – if that’s you please get in touch ( and we will book you a free slot, no judgement here <3

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