July Newsletter

We hope you're enjoying this super weather we've been having. We've just uploaded all the events we have planned so far for this year onto the website, including some family activities during the holidays and a back to school event for making lunchboxes more eco-friendly, check them out below. We will continue to add to this over the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

We've created this monthly newsletter to update you all on each element of the project, you can unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to hear from us. Please do get in touch if you want to know more about what we're doing, if you have any ideas for events you would like to see, or how you can get involved: email lynseypenny@gatechurch.co.uk or call 01382 221222.


Give Box donations sorting - 11th July & 25th July, 1-4pm, Gate Church International

We really need another one or two volunteers to help us get through the volume of items coming through, if you can make it for an hour or three, we'd be very grateful. Email or call us for more information.

Family Recycling Crafts Workshop - 27th July, 2-4pm, Gate Church International

Come and find out how to turn your household waste into fun, but useful objects or gifts. Such as pen/pencil holders, candle holders, tin can planters... This is a child friendly event, with a range of activities to suit all ages (including some for the parents if you fancy a go!). There will also be some games and a quiz to keep those little minds inquisitive... and the best part, the charge is just £1 per person, for unlimited activities, as well as drinks and snacks. Whether you have 1 child or 5 come along and enjoy a cheap, fun and educational afternoon for the whole family! Book your places here.
Beeswax Wrap/Bags Workshop - 9th August, 2-4pm, Gate Church International

Did you know it's almost impossible to recycle cling film/sandwich bags around here? Why not try re-usable versions to do your bit for the planet? Learn to make your own wrap/bags with the naturally anti-bacterial beeswax, as a simple and easy alternative. You'll get your own to take home, which you can use instead of cling film, freezer bags, or for your packed lunches. So many possibilities! Please book your place here.




We recently met with our architects and we have received some potential designs for the Fridge, see an example of what it might look like below. A few more adjustments and we will be ready to apply for planning permission. Please do let us know what you think! 

Give boxes logo.jpg


In June we gave out a total of 1237kg of clothing and household goods to charities around Dundee, such as Togs 4 Tots and Dundee Starter Packs. Thanks for all your donations, these are really making a difference to people all over the city. Did you know global consumption of clothes doubled between 2000 and 2014? The point of our boxes is not just to help people in need, thus preventing them from purchasing new items, but to raise awareness of buying habits to keep clothes etc in circulation for longer!

We are expanding our network of boxes, if you know somewhere a box would be handy for you, please do let us know. To see our current locations check out the Give Box Map on our website.



As mentioned above we will be running a whole host of events aimed at showing people how to live more eco-friendly lives, as well as understanding climate change and what it means for our community, and the world. A few are listed below but check out our website for more, we've got some home-made cleaning and beauty products workshops planned to help people cut down on their plastic use at home, and much more.

Our new raised beds at the university are all planted up and looking great, we had lots of little helpers to help us get all that food growing...

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Since the beginning of our CCF work 5 years ago, we've managed to reduce the gas consumption of our community owned buildings by 63% and electricity by 67%. The huge financial savings we've made go back into further improvements to our energy systems, such as expanding the number of solar panels. 

If you would like to find out more about what we've done check out this case study the Energy Saving Trust did for us.


There are so many opportunities to volunteer with the project, whether it's helping with Give Box donations, gardening, workshops and events, or to be a part of the Community Fridge team. So no matter what skills you have or how much time you can give, we would love to hear from you. Here are what some of our other volunteers have said:
“It has made me more aware of how much I personally use, and has inspired me to be less wasteful”
“I'm proud to be part of such a worthwhile project”

“It's made me think of where the waste will be stored in our small country”

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