Climate Challenge Fund Project 2017-2018

Hi Church,

We hope by now that everyone has heard the exciting news that we have been awarded a further grant of £105,000 from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to continue with our Carbon Saving Project in 2017-2018!

This funding will cover improvements to our heating system, doubled glazing for all velux windows, installing rainwater harvesting to reduce water wastage and insulation and redecoration for the older areas of the building. This will result in a saving of over 10 tonnes of CO2e each year and all the savings made on our utility bills will be reinvested in other energy efficiency measures and renewables. All this, along with other improvements made to the building in recent years and the installation of our Solar PV system, will help us reach our goal of becoming "Scotland's Greenest Church".

"Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) projects aim to reduce local carbon emissions, helping to tackle climate change while improving their communities."

To help improve our own community we will be working in partnership with Dundee Foodbank, Dundee ClothesBank and Starter Packs Dundee to reach out to those most in need in our city. There will be many opportunities to volunteer with projects across Dundee as well as regular collections of clothing donations during our Sunday Services throughout the year. A full-time community worker will also be employed to work closely with all our partners and to provide support and encouragement to the volunteers. If you would like to get involved with any of these great causes then please get in touch with James Anthony at or call on 01382 221222.

We want to express our sincere thanks to the Scottish Government for this funding and the opportunities it will provide for us to engage the people of Dundee in such an important issue as climate change. We are looking forward to all that we can achieve as we continue our Carbon Saving Project.