The Power of Praise Devotional - Monday 16th October 2017

"Fill Me Up" by Casey J, originally by United Pursuit

Our God is a good father who promises his Holy Spirit to anyone who asks and keeps asking (Matthew 7:7-12).

The Holy Spirit renews my mind; makes me more like Jesus; teaches me and comforts. The Holy Spirit gives hope, peace, joy and is love.

Our God is kind. Quite often it is bad to have too much of anything, but there is no such thing as having too much of the Holy Spirit. So my heart's cry is for God to fill me up so I overflow and ooze with His Holy Spirit and his love. I want more of the Holy Spirit because the measure I have now is not enough; there is room for more and as my capacity grows, a new space needs to be filled.

To fulfil our calling we need a deep desire and insatiable thirst for the Holy Spirit. If the creator of the universe will fill my life with His love, I will present myself to him.

I encourage you as you listen to this song today to ask for more of the Holy Spirit; there is room for more!

Written by Theresa Tachie-Menson