Acts of Kindness - Love

In February, symbols of love and romance are all around us. As we continue our 40th Anniversary celebrations, this month we want to reach out to those around us with Acts of Kindness on the theme of ‘Love’.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.                   (1 Corinthians 13:13)

This month we particularly want to focus on showing love to those who are vulnerable in our community. As a whole church we are reaching out this month are by donating items to Dundee Foodbank and setting up a team to visit residents at Bridge View Nursing Home one Sunday per month.

There are also opportunities for individuals to do some knitting for the Special Care Baby Unit at Ninewells Hospital or to make up a Newborn Gift Box for the Midwife Vulnerable Pathways Team.

Items to be donated to Dundee foodbank can be brought to the church on Sunday 14th, 21st and 28th of February. If you would like to volunteers for the nursing home visiting team or are interested in the knitting or new born gift boxes please speak to Aileen Bell or email the church office for more details.

Within the church we hope that you will be inspired to share Scriptures, testimonies and words of encouragement with one another. One such encouragement comes from a young lady, age 10, in our church who was inspired by our January theme of “Homelessness”:

“On Monday evening my daughter and I went to the church to bag up left over soup. On our way we saw a homeless lady sitting on the pavement outside where the old train station entrance was. I commented that it was a bad night to be sitting out in the storm that was gathering full force ... that was all the motivation that my daughter needed ...
Whilst I bagged the soup and reheated the rest ... She set to wrapping spoons and decorating soup tubs and off we went on a merry trail of hunting down some homeless people.
As it was so windy most of the usual places were empty…but we did find one man! Unfortunately the original lady had gone! But we tried and were both content with that!
So lovely to see children looking for intentional ways to care and show compassion!”