Giving to Bless

We believe that tithing (10% of what we earn) is a good benchmark for our giving as individuals, and is referred to many times in the Bible. The money that we give to the church supports our everyday activities and our outreach projects; we also tithe the church's income -- so that we give away to other organisations and churches a tenth of what we receive. This means that we are investing in what God is doing in Dundee and right across the world!

The projects we are currently giving to are:

Outreach to Students:
Dundee University Christian Union
Christian Unions in all our universities do a fantastic job, helping thousands of students understand the Good News. We are keen to support and encourage the Christian Union of the university that is right on our doorstep

Support for Schools:
Children and young people have a right to understand what Christianity is all about, so that they can make their own decisions and choices. We are keen to support initiatives that work with schools to make this possible, within the guidelines of Curriculum for Excellence. We are delighted to be able to support Broughty Ferry Baptist Church in its development of innovative partnerships with schools in the east of the city -- and to get advice from them about how we might similarly offer support to schools ourselves. 

Church Planting and Development in Dundee: 
Hope United Church
We are excited about all but God is doing in his churches right across Dundee. Hope United Church is starting out and we want to bless them.

Supporting Children:
Children are very close to Jesus' heart. We are therefore supporting more than one project for children:

•    A school development project in north-east Uganda organised by Signpost International:   This will give school children, and their whole community, access to safe drinking water.

•    Work with children and young people in the north of Dundee, organised by Downfield Mains Church.

Partnership with our Local Community:
There is a great deal of effective work being done by a local Christian organisations and churches here in Dundee. We are delighted to be able to support three excellent examples: 
Dundee Women's Aid -- working with abused and vulnerable women here in the city
Full Gospel Church -- working with victims of drug and substance abuse
City Church Dundee -- in their widespread general outreach to the community