£40 for 40

The £40 for 40 focus is an opportunity once a month to give £40 towards a church project for 2017!

If 100 families or groups give £40 a month during 2016 we would have £48,000 for the church to spend on an initiative or initiatives of their choice.

In September 2016 we will ask cell groups to suggest something they would like to see done in the church or by the church in 2017. Once the suggestions are collected we will take the most common themed choices and ask the church in December to vote on which one (or one's depending on finances) they want to see happen.

Your vote will be taken as you enter the church on Sunday's in December.

This is a great chance not just to sow into the church but to have an opportunity to shape projects within the church in the years ahead.

So look out for the £40 for 40 collection envelopes and offering taking place on the last Sunday of each month in 2016!