Solar Panels for Gate Church!

Hi Church,

We have an exciting announcement. We have been awarded a grant from Zero Waste Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government, to continue our Carbon Saving Project!

This project has already seen improvements made to our building such as double glazing, insulation and LED lighting and we can now announce that Solar Panels will be installed on our south facing roof within the next few weeks!

After a competitive tender process, a contract has been awarded to Forster Energy Ltd who will install a 42 panel solar photovoltaics system which can generate up to 10.92kWp of free electricity for church use and provide an income stream as any electricity not used by ourselves will be sold to the national grid!

We aim to have the installation completed prior to Christmas, thanks to careful planning we will be able to keep our building open throughout the project with only minimal disruption to church activities, any temporary access arrangements will be signposted at all entrances and exits throughout the project.

Here are some words from our grant funders:

Zero Waste Scotland is very excited to be supporting Gate Church to become more resource efficient through improving energy efficiency and installing renewables. The changes they are making at the organisation will help them to be more sustainable and resilient to fluctuating energy prices.

We’re grateful to Zero Waste Scotland for providing financial assistance for this project and are looking forward to getting started. If you have any questions please drop me an email at or give me a call on 01382 221222.